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trumpet/ flugelhorn
Bill Berry Clark Terry
Urbie Green J.J.Johnson
 Sax : Alto /Bariton
Paul Desmond /Gerry Mulligan
Piano Hank Jones
guitar Jim Hall
Bass Milt Hinton
Drums Louis Bellson
Mary Mayo and Joe William


~ JazzIntro ~ Song'title you listen: Caravan

"1969, All star white house tribute to Duke Ellington"

Record in Birthday party at the white house 1969

Caravan Solo :
Bass :Milt Hinton
Drum;Louie Bellson


Louis Bellson...
Duke Ellington called him "the world's greatest drummer," and Bellson, to this day, lives up to the description.
He's a composer, arranger, bandleader, tireless jazz educator...
Pioneered the use of two bass drums, and in terms of the speed of his hands and feet and the wonderful, percussive "ideas" he conveys on the drums, stands next to only Buddy Rich as the total technician.

Referred to by Leonard Feather as "one of the most phenomenal drummers in history," Louie Bellson has expressed himself on the drums since he was three years old. At 15, he pioneered the double-bass-drum set-up. His detailed sketch earned him an 'A' in his high school art class. At 17, he triumphed over 40,000 drummers to win the Slingerland National Gene Krupa contest.

As an internationally-acclaimed artist, he has performed in most of the major capitals around the world. With the exception of Bob Hope, who has made the most White House appearances, Bellson holds, along with his late wife Pearl Bailey, the second highest number of White House appearances.

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