Two professors of university devisent together. The remarks fuse of share and other.

All started from a sentence bible "to cook it the roe-deer with the milk of her mother".  

And why the roe-deer? Why not the rabbit? And besides is the rabbit a ruminant?

I am not sure of that.

In fact it was necessary to respect the established order.

The classification of the species, creation.

And cooking? What is it about pot? The alchemy of the cooker. One goes down there? Not still.

Between a vacation camp, a score of kids and two monitors...

       Water mud with 100° and then chemistry operate... Marcel take your business!! ..

       ... The molecules are agitated and bound to form others of them...

       ... Me jem' already stuffed my bag with back!

       (Environment lanes Marseillaise, the commercial one of fish)...

       ... But not milk... Good, the momes, one finds place, you seat now...

         ... And besides they say to soft fire.

Doors open.
Two Indians, sat to him and she upright. He: "aneoniamm? "
She: "neaommioamn iommn niamiommneam neaommioamn iommn niamiommneam annoeanmmneoanmm niamiommneam neaommioamn iommn niamiommneam" (very strange language, no reference mark nor reference with our codes, perhaps of Tamoul or another Indian dialect? read it of right-hand side on the left, fast tempo: 220)
... with soft fire. It is as the monks when they sing "Aomm", they murmur low but the sound goes up in the enclosure of the monastery Tibetan and, so as so, create a very high sound cloud. It is that cooking with soft fire. ...
Did Mohamed what I say? ... With the Eloim fact it is plural or singular?...
... I said as the bag enters the legs! ... A term of the Judaism, Eloim... He: "aneonmm? "...
This expression designates the gods but it is also used to designate a single god... Nadia will sit you with Manon... Moreover one finds in the bible, in psalm 167, "our Eloim"... Range your bag Rachid... It is a very curious case, which one finds perhaps only among Greeks. The indian : "neaommiomnn iommn niomimmneam neaommioamn iommn niammmneam annoeanmmneoanmnm"
...And is the goat it a ruminant? The fact remains that that works me that...Hey kids, shut offfffff !!! ... One cow of agreement...
He: "aneonmm? "... but the rabbit I have a doubt... Mohamed you calm yourself!
...Hold on, we come
    Which travel !
   Pascal, May 2004

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