A mouth of subway, the police force, questions.                   

"from or you come, which are you,

what do you make, have you your papers? »

Once stopping crossed without knowing too much

how, it was found outside, in the unsoundable black     

intergalactic dust.

It went to sharp pace, the jerked step.

It ran towards its destiny and yet

knew neither from where it came nor where it went.

To see it wandering in this way,

I felt a certain empathy, and even of pity.

I will have wanted to help it, to say to him that it went in the bad direction, but it could not hear me.

Perhaps it thought that a spationaut distracts had left it in exile on a remote planet,

then it sought its aircraft?

In its race it did not see anybody, no one to be alive. The desert, the absolute vacuum, sky of a major black...

Time seemed stopped but the absence of life involve does the eclipse of time?

Only, it was alone. Around him reigned calms it and silence clean with... nothing, since there was nothing.

However, at the end of a long walk, long a errance apparently without end, it saw

a lying panel on the ground;

It started to miss energy, drew from its ultimate resources and succeeds in approaching some.

It lute this strange inscription:


This thin symbol of civilization gave again hope to him.

Not far from there, it found a track smooth and brilliant.

It decided to follow this trace emerged from nowhere.

"Thus, it thought, this planet is inhabited and, if I then to judge of it, only a form of higher intelligence could build such a coating, if smooth, so right, so flat, virgin of any inequality, if pure and so perfect all things considered".

It continued to skirt this track until it saw a cabalistic sign,

A cross engraved on a terminal.

Further still, a large red cable appeared to climb towards the infinite one.

"In which strange world am I? »

It tried to bore the mystery of this enigma: A flat ground, a sign, a cross, a red wire...

Then it put certainly forth an assumption, foolish.

"And if I were only the wheel of an enormous machine, a particle, a component of the matter?

Remain to explain this strange yellow track. »

"And which is my destiny? »

A black animal, oddly affublée of sixteen silver plated legs, hummed at the end of the track.

Would be the guardian of the entry of the sanctuary?

Jealous and nevertheless the savage protective one of the THRUE ?

Not far from it, a strange diffuse gleam radiated, of color green emerald.

The atmosphere of this place caused in him an indefinable feeling.

It like was touched by the Grace.

Lighting prolix, by a short suractivation of its neurons, all revealed to him that it was to know.

It then took conscience of the importance of its role, its place in the universe and the interactivity

aiming at appeasing our small embourgeoized comfort:

"This light comes from the Eye, the eye of the dial.

I walk on a brass track, a plate of printed circuit.

This black small beast is only one inoffensive microprocessor, I must join my buddies the protons.

Let us follow the Wire Of ARIANE "

It was rectified, it ran towards its loss, it of it is conscious but does not have an other alternative...

"continues, says themselves it, in any event it is cooked"

It is engulfed in a collector and joined his comrades.

On the quay, its means of transport are not made wait.

The subway train, at the speed of the light, crosses a chemical condenser of filtering,

a bridge of Graetz crosses briskly,

stop on the basis of a transistor MOS to field effect, controlled by a zener diode.

The oar arises by a circuit of negative feedback, crosses a ceramic condenser

then through potentiometers of Baxandall,

engulf itself in magnetic field generated by a coil and,

through resistance of polarization,

joined the mass finally.

A spark spouts out.

A cry in the loudspeaker,

My radio set functions again...

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