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As his double bass, Henri Texier is a pillar, a reference mark planted in the middle of the European jazz. After a fulgurating beginning of career, at the end of the years 1960, with the American giants of Bebop like Bud Powell, Donald Byrd, Dexter Gordon or Kenny Clarke (and he was not twenty years old!)…
Then, he create a series of links, units, more inventive the ones than the others in the two decades which followed (with François Jeanneau, Daniel Humair, Michel Portal, Aldo Romano, Louis Sclavis, Bernard Lubat, Didier Lockwood, and so, and so…)

Adress: 23, rue Parmentier
93100 Montreuil

Henri Texier lent in the years 1990 his hot sonority and his talent of melodist to the young musketeers of the improvisation, decided well to cross iron with him: Bojan Z, Tony Rabeson, Julien Lourau, Noël Akchoté or Sebastien Texier can be given some to heart joy, the bass always deep and right of the Master “Texier dad " ensures the backs.
Recently-->> I attended one of his last concert at Arpajon, in Essone land, an exceptional quartet with his son Sebastien (sax), an incredible Irish drummer and a guitarist (Manu Codjia) with the solos of Jimmy Hendrix… We were well placed, at the first rank, and Philippe Salmon alias Néné the guitarist of Caballeros took superb photographs of “Dad” Texier.
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Currently on the air: Henri Texier and the Holy Lola orchestra, title “Orphans”
It is an extract of the original band of film of Bertrand Tavernier, Holy Lola, an evocation of a film upsetting through its released music of the constraints of time. Henri Texier, this talented and inspired double bass player is surrounded by a “Dream TEAM” : the musicians who took part in the recording of film:
Dominique Pifarély
percussions, métallophone :
Francis Pichon
Soprano & baritone sax :
François Corneloup
Gueorgui Kornazov,
Christophe Marguet,
François Merville
double bass
Bruno Chevillon, Henri Texier
Vincent Courtois
guitar, Manu Codjia clarinet, clarinet viola, alto saxophone
Louis Sclavis, Sebastien Texier

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